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Pharmacy Services

We are a full line community pharmacy. We can fill any prescription and offer home delivery. Taking long term medications? We can conveniently package your medications by dose and time of day to eliminate confusion. Our staff provides personal friendly service

CNU Specialty and Home Health Care Background

Home health care is a practice that specializes in treating patients in their homes or other residential facilities, such as assisted living communities. Most of the prescription therapy is directed toward intravenous (IV) admixtures that are compounded by the home health care pharmacist at the direction of the physician. This type of practice also may focus on other complex therapy regimens. Most of our staffs time is spent in patient care services, dispensing medications (including the associated patient counseling), preparation of complex parenteral prescription medications), and health professional counseling.
Our role is to assist patients and professional partners to successful patient outcomes.

Interaction With Patients

Interaction with patients was mentioned as one of the most satisfying aspects of CNU Medical home health care pharmacy,

Interpreting Laboratory Values

Our practice is often seen as an excellent opportunity to conduct basic preliminary health assessments of patients. Evaluation of symptoms, laboratory reports, and other indicators can be helpful in directing the patient’s therapy.

Continuity of Relationships

Our pharmacists have the opportunity to get to know their patients and other community health professionals on a personal level. They develop a working knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of their patients and their IV therapies; many of these pharmacists indicated that this is key to their effectiveness in helping patients. Pharmacists in these positions may “follow patients for weeks to years in the home setting

Helping People Respondents indicated that they have a more direct versus indirect effect on the well being of the individuals they treat. Home health care pharmacists get to know and help their patients on a personal level.

Collaboration With Other Professionals

Communication with physicians and nurses in home health care pharmacy is often focused on patient care and progress of the treatment. The physician, nurse, and pharmacist work to communicate accurately and concisely to ensure the patient gets optimal therapy.